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katharine_mcp's Journal

Katharine McPhee Fans
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The Idol
Age: 22
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Audition City: San Francisco
Favorite Female Artist: Whitney [Houston?]
Favorite Male Artist: Brian McKnight
Learn more about our favorite Idol here!

The Community
+ Anyone and everyone may join.
+ Feel free to post pictures, media, questions, reviews, and news about Katharine.
+ You may promote your community as long as you return the favor.
+ One thread only for your reactions on nights that Idol is shown, to keep from spamming our members' friends pages. This post will be created by a maintainer.
+ Absolutely no bashing of Katharine McPhee. We know people have opinions, but this a community for her fans. Opinions are okay, as long as you still have faith in our girl.
+ Header by thewicked_woman
+ Affiliates: kmcphee_contest
+ To affiliate comment here. Please also refer to that thread if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Link us.
Katharine McPhee

(Simple, but hey, it works.)

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